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We’re changing the way podcasters engage advertisers and reach new audiences by connecting through AVOD OTT.

Talk Media is a premium podcast only AVOD OTT service offering talk show based podcasts in video format, giving audiences a new access point into the show. Selected by humans, not algorithms, Talk Media content combines the best of branded and online advertising.



Big brands have not bought into podcasting because of unfamiliarity with the platform, non-linear sales model, lack of a robust measurement, and limited ad tracking.

Podcasting’s popularity is motivating brands to seek reliable ways to invest in the space.

Podcasters are seeking new ways to break through to big brands and reach mass audiences.

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An IAB report in October 2018 found advertisers see viewers of OTT as an “ incremental, high value audience.”

 AVOD will see massive growth in overall revenues during the next five years. According to Digital TV Research, global AVOD revenues will more than double between 2018 and 2024 to reach $56 billion.

Roku, one of the leading AVOD platforms, reached an all-time revenue high of $151.4 million in Q4, a whopping 77% year-over-year increase. Roku expects to surpass $1 billion in sales in 2019

Advertisers find AVOD OTT highly effective and trust the platform. A 2017 Comcast report found streaming TV viewers complete 98% of all ads on videos, meaning OTT ads have the top engagement percent.

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Brands are more comfortable with AVOD allowing them to accurately measure brand lift as well as direct ROI giving them confidence to invest.


Intro to new audiences outside of the podcast ecosystem and a new way to bring people unfamiliar with podcasting to the space. Talk Media will be offered in multiple platforms such as Roku, Samsung, AppleTV, and other AVOD access points.


Unlike YouTube we are a video podcast platform only curated by humans, not algorithms. We won’t demonetize or censor your content.


In app recommendations will be for podcasts only, keeping the audience focus and away from wonky or weird videos that have nothing to do with podcasting.


Talk media is an advertiser supported platform on the fastest growing ad platform—AVOD.

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Dean Valentine

Dean is the former President and CEO of the United Paramount Network. Before that, Mr. Valentine served as President of Walt Disney Television and Television Animation. He is the founder of A former journalist, Mr. Valentine was a Senior Editor at Time Inc. He is a noted art collector and sits on the Board of the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Mr. Valentine is an honors graduate of the University of Chicago.

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Barry Blumberg

Barry is currently the CCO of Mammoth Media and most recently served as Defy Media’s CCO. There he was involved in the creation and expansion of the Smosh and headed the company’s programming strategy for brands including Clevver, AWE me, and Screen Junkies. He had joined the company with the 2013 merger of Break Media and Alloy Digital. Prior to helping establish Alloy Digital in 2006, Blumberg wa president of Walt Disney Television Animation for 12 years.


Craig Jordan

Starting his podcast career in 2008, Craig was among the first to place ads in some of the most well-known shows in the space. Craig also introduced and developed many of the largest ad campaigns, helping propel industry revenues to recorded highs. Over his ten-year career, Craig has generated over $200 million in podcast ad revenue. He has a deep understanding of the space and has worked with thousands top publishers including Serial, This American Life, WNYC, NPR, How Stuff Works, and many others. He most recently served as Vice President of Business Development at Authentic a Podtrac company.

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